Welcome to my homepage! I have realized that it is a lot more fun to actually play the organ or the piano, conduct a choir or teach children – compared to write about it and make perfect PR for myself.
Thus, as long as I am able to continue being a musician, I probably won’t be able to present an homepage which is perfectly up-to-date.
Right now, I have not even moved contents from my earlier place at pahrs.se.
However, as it seems to be necessary having an own place in cyber space, I will try to collect some information about myself right here. There are some passages in Swedish, some in English, others in German, that is related to the places where the texts had been written originally, and to me being lazy. It must be better to publish something, even incomplete, than not to publish anything while working with the contents…
Enjoy, don’t blame me for not competing with all other glossy homepages, and give me a call or send me an e-mail if you get curios.

Photo: Yderstigs bild, Torsby