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Katharina was born in Berlin, GDR, where she even got her basic musical education within the public music school, at the “Georg Friedrich Händel” musical secondary school and through private teaching.
The main musical interest was playing the piano and harpsichord as soloist, in different chamber music constellations and in orchestra. As she even was both interested and successful in science, she studied physics at Humboldt University in Berlin where she did her PhD in 1996 (Dr.rer.nat.). In the same year she moved to Sweden for a postdoc position at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
However, feelings for music were stronger then for science.
Katharina studied church music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. This was a great time, with teachers as Ralph Gustafsson and Mats Åberg (organ), Stefan Lindgren (piano), Margareta Elmerstad (song), Anders Eby and Incca Rasmussen Belin (choir conducting), Per Andersson (orchestra conducting) and many more.
By 2006, she had got the Master exam in Church music and the Postgraduate diploma in organ. For her diploma concert, a complete performance of Maurice Duruflés organ works, in the Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm, she was rewarded with the “P A Bergs jetong”.
She is grateful to other teachers for individual lessons and master classes, e.g. Hans Wikström, Hans Fagius, Gunnar Idenstam, Ton Koopman, Jaques van Oortmersen, Susan Landale, Margeret Phillips and many more.

As church musician, she had held positions in the parish of Ramundeboda (Laxå) and Fryksände (Torsby) in Sweden (where she has been responsible for a organ building project).

Since 2018, she holds a position as choir master and organist in the Swedish parish in Vienna, Austria. She has established cooperation with several churches and church musicians, has played many organ rehearsals, chamber music concerts, accompanied choirs and much more. One important project was to spread Swedish organ music, and especially such written by female composers, another is the series of concert “Der Währinger Bach – Bach in Währing“.

Since 2001, she has played a large number of organ concerts all over Sweden and in Germany, Austria, Norway, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Some highlights were organ concerts in the Stockholm Concert Hall in 2009 and 2015, in Piteå Concert Hall Acusticum 2013.
As choir conductor, Katharina Hieke has worked not only with her parishes own ensembles, but even with large diocesan choirs within the “Kyrkosångsförbund” as she was diocesan conductor during her years in Strängnas diocese (2004-2009) and in Karlstad diocese (2011-2018).
As a chamber musician, she has a delightful cooperation playing organ, piano, eller harpsichord together with Peter Styrman (flauto traverso, modern flute, recorders of all sizes) and Christina Hieke (rising violin star).