As an organist, Katharina combines excellent organistic skills with deep conciousness on organ building questions and with a wide repertoire. A large number of organ solo recitals, as well as chamber music (with Peter Styrman, see more on Pahrs N&R, and with many other musicians) and choir music has been planned and performed around special topics (as gregorian hymn, or poetry, composers birthdays, church year etc). Some highlights have been concerts with Maurice Duruflés complete organ works (2006 as diploma concert in Stockholm, Hedvig Eleonora church, and some later concerts); solo rehearsals in the Stockholm Concert Hall (Orgelmatiné, 2009 and 2015) and a solo rehearsal in the Piteå Concert Hall Acusticum 2013).

Katharina has been responsible for the organ project in the church of Fryksände, Sweden, 2012-2018, where the Magnusson organ has been modified and rebuilt by Åkerman&Lund organ builders. The organ inauguration was held in august, 2018; and Katharina reported on the project in swedish “Orgelforum” 1/2019.

In Vienna, Katharina has started collaboration with several churches and musicians and played in churches around Vienna. See more about the projekt “Der Währinger Bach – Bach in Währing” here. She has even given a presentation of swedish organs and organ composers för the austrian Orgelforum in jan 2020. She continues even to play recitals in swedish churches. When performing in Sweden, she always presents well-known and less known composers (male and female) from Austria – and vice versa for concerts in Austria.

Teaching children is very important for her, se more here.